Ugg-Tect is a party game where teams race to build the structure the fastest. It allows 2-8 players and is quick to catch on to the rules. It will only take a practice round to get the hang of it. Games usually take 20-30 minutes, but it can take however long you choose by picking the amount of rounds in a game. The prehistoric theme of Ugg-Tect make this game truly unique. You even get your own inflatable club to swing around.

This game puts a spin on the classic charades format. Two teams race to build a structure shown on a card. There are many cards so each play through has its own challenge. The catch? Only one player on each team, the architect, gets to look at the card, while the other members have to build the structure. To communicate what’s on the card to the builders, the architect must speak in a caveman-like language and make gestures to indicate which blocks to use and where to put them. There are translation cards to help. After the builders make a move, the architect smacks their club down either once or twice to indicate if the builders got the placement right or wrong. The first team to build the structure correctly gains a point.

This game is great to play as a warm-up for a games night. It’s quick, fun, and full of laughs. I find it’s better after you and all the other players get used to it because the translation cards become unneeded and it becomes much more of a race. I recommend playing this game and would love to hear your thoughts on it.

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