Betrayal at House on the Hill

Betrayal at House on the Hill is a strategy game that works for 3-6 players. This game could be the main event to any games night, as it takes about an hour to play. The rules are a little complicated and confusing at first, but easy to catch on to while playing and, once learned, make for an enjoyable play. The horror theme and complexity make it not recommended for young children.

The gameplay for Betrayal comes in two parts. The first, all players are on the same team with a goal of exploring the house. Players take turns going into different rooms and discovering what lies inside, while building up the board with tiles representing each room. The random selection of tiles makes the board different every playthrough. Eventually, one player will trigger the second part of the game; the betrayal. A random player is selected as the traitor and a random scenario is also selected. There are 50 scenarios, each having a unique approach to the game. Some scenarios will have the players escaping the house, others will have them find something hidden inside, all while avoiding the schemes of the traitor, which are unknown to the rest of the players. The sheer number of possible outcomes for this game make it worth replaying many times.

In my own experience, I’ve played this game many times with my friends and family and I have still not played every scenario. Each time I play has had a different approach to the gameplay, but all enjoyable. This is a game I recommend playing and would love to hear your thoughts on it.

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